Ma Lot (Affiliate High School)

Anzahl Kinder: 625

Ma Lot ist eine Oberstufen-Schule mit zehn Klassen (1.-10. Stufe) und Kindergarten. Die Schule verfügt über vier Gebäude, davon eine temporäre und äusserst notdürftige Konstruktion aus Maschendraht. Doch auch bei den anderen Gebäuden gibt es Renovationsbedarf (undichte Dächer und Risse in den Wänden und Böden). Die Schule benötigt weitere Klassenzimmern um das temporäre Gebäude zu ersetzen. Aufgrund der jährlich wachsenden Anzahl an Kindern müssen auch die sanitären Anlagen dringend ausgebaut werden. 

Adresse: Ma Lot Ywa Ma village, Ma Lot village tract, Bogalay township, Phyapon district, Ayeyarwaddy Delta, Myanmar



News. 01. October 2018 - E-Learning at Ma Lot High School!


E-Learning in Myanmar - Why?

Computers and the internet are indispensable in the modern working world - also in Myanmar. Basic computer skills enable High School students to significantly increase chances in the labor market. Another step to escape poverty. In addition, E-Learning offers new and cost-effective educational methods.



What did 600Kids do?

The High School and the Local Community of Ma Lot themselves came up with the idea, project- and syllabus-proposal, while 600Kids played a supporting role.

E-learning can be used in a variety of ways: While giving Elementary School children the opportunity to get in touch with computers for the first time, entire lessons can be offered for High School students using E-Learning. In addition, High School students can acquire additional knowledge and skills thanks to the Internet.


How is the project implemented?

A new Media-Classroom has been created. 600Kids took care of the electronic infrastructure powered by a diesel-generator and provided laptops.



News 19. February 2018 - Pilot Project Horticulture


As a pilot project provided seeds and tools to grow vegetables in school gardens (horticulture) in four schools – Thit To Chaung, Ma Lot, Min Hla Su and Kwin Gyi – with the aim to continue future school feeding with vegetables harvested from school garden as a sustainable source. Children are taking part in plantation so they are able to learn about agriculture practically.

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