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News 14. December 2014 - School construction

School construction (RC - 40 fts x 30 fts - two classrooms), which is the first support of for Post Primary School, Ma Seine Village as a part of its engagement to help better education in this school funded by SIKA, has begun.

community in village taking part in earth cleaning na d site preparation by means of cooperation

construction site


News 18. November 2014 - Action Plan facilitated action planning for 3 schools (Ma Seine, Taung Tha Lae and Thit To Chaung) in order to set concrete plan for upcoming project activities in each school. In this event, CBOs (school committees) involved in planning and fix the responsibility of each member for specific duty.

Action plan preparing by CBO

Final action plan came out from the event is tag in the school


News 24. October 2014 - Nutrition

Nutrition for the children was taken place in 3 schools; Myo Gone, Nyaung Lan Ngu and Aung Hlaing, with the contribution of school committee. In this occassion, about 650 children involved.

Nutrition at Aung Hlaing, Branch Middle School

Nutrition at Myo Gone, Post Primary School


News 21. October 2014 - Hygiene Training provided primary health education for personal hygiene awareness raising for the children in rurual schools of delta: Nearly 500 children (grade 3 to 5) from 7 schools participated.

demonstration: hand washing with soap in proper way

group works: quationarie, puzzle and physical game competition.

Thiri, resource person for hygiene training, with the kids who won the prizes in games.

(in front of the school building newly built by for Kin Wun monastic school)


News 1. October 2014 - CBO strengthening

CBO strengthening: role of school committee for future developmental work, maintenance fund utilizing, refresher course for book-keeping with cash book, duties and responsibilities of individual involved in committee.

presentation: duties and responsibilities of school committee

refresher course for book-keeping with cash book


News 18. September 2014 - Joint field visit with SIKA Myanmar team received visitors from SIKA Myanmar and did joint field visit to the partner schools where will implement its educational support with the collaboration of SIKA company.

Joint field visit to partner schools of

children were happy and actively participated

playing game

showing how to wash the hands in proper way


News 11. September 2014 - Hygiene awareness raising for children in Padauk Shwe Wah Monastic Post Primary School delivered hygiene awareness training to 100 children to provide basic health education: proper way of hand washing, use of toilet, food handling and access to safe water.

new school building construction has finished: small brick pillar type building  - 16 fts x 24 fts size (one classroom)


News 2. September 2014 - New school building for Kin Wun, Monastic Primary School

A new school building (one classroom) has been supported to Monastic Primary School, Kin Wun Village, Ayeyarwaddy with the aim of children will access to a proper school infrastructure with minimum standard. Its old thatched building is only temporarily built.

some furrniture (desk and bench) in classroom


News 19. August 2014 - School furniture for Ah Lan Hpa Lout, Post Primary School

School furniture (desk and bench ~ 45 sets) has been supported to Post Primary School, Ah Lan Hpa Lout Village, Ayeyarwaddy in order to fulfil the need of furniture for 135 children.

checking furniture on arrival at school


News 6. August 2014 - Toilet support for Shwe Htee, Branch High School

600 supported 2 units toilet block to Branch High School, Shwe Htee Village, Ayeyarwaddy as it had only one toilet block (6 units) for 1000 students and this was not sufficient in the past.

2 WC units toilet block attached with septic tank


News 5. August 2014 - Library for Myo Gone, Post Primary School

School library including partition room has been supported to Myo Gone, Post Primary School with the cooperation/contribution of local community. The aim is that children can access reading the books which are out of their compulsory school syllabus so that they will have an opportunity to learn general knowledge, social ethics, history and English.

school library - 200 new books with book-shelves


News 24. July 2014 - School building construction

School building support of 600 is under construction which will be benefit for the children from monastic primary school in Kin Wun Village, Ayeyarwaddy.

Small school building (16 fts x 24 fts) under construction

Existing school building (temporary thatched building built of bamboo and nepa-leaf)


News 23. July 2014 - Generator with water pump support

600 supported generator with water pump to Branch Middle School, Wea Gyi Village, Ayeyarwaddy with the aim at generating electricity for future teaching aid materials as well as pumping water for toilet water supply from the pound outside school campus.

Generator with water pump supported to Branch Middle School, Wea Gyi Village, Ayeyarwaddy


News 7. July 2014 - Furniture support to Padauk Shwe Wah monastic post primary school in Yangon

In this academic year, this school has not only more children enrollment but they also introdued one higher grade. With the furniture supported by 600, the school can fulfill the minimum requirement for teaching for the children.

partition room for school library was built downstairs of school buildings

Support new furniture (lower desk - 30 nos.)

Furniture for teacher (table with chair - 8 sets)

repair damaged desk and benches (120 nos.)

Renew/repaint blackboard (7 nos.)

Branch Middle School, Taung Tha Lae Village, Bogalay, Ayeyarwaddy, Myanmar

Post Primary School, Ma Seine Village, Bogalay, Ayeyarwaddy, Myanmar

Children in some schools are learning in temporary building built of bamboo and nepa-leaf thatch/roofing with no floor (only earth filling) and sometimes it is flooded during monsoon.

Tiny building built of CGI roof sheets in order to set up generator (locally done by school committee itself)


News 27. June 2014 - Maintenance Training

Maintenance Training was delivered to 18 schools in delta, in which SDC-HA built storm cum school shelter 2009-2013. The training is mainly focused on maintenance of rainwater harvesting system and regular cleaning of receptacle as well as correct handling of transport bucket to improve the water quality at schools.

Presentation technical know-how for maintenance of rain-water harvesting system (Middle School, Tei Pin Seik village, Ayeyarwaddy)

Demonstration how to maintain the ferro tank (Branch Middle School, Ah Si Gyi village, Ayeyarwaddy)

Explanation about correct handling as well as regular cleaning of ceramic filter, receptacle and transport bucket (Post Primary School, Mingalar Thaung Tan village, Ayeyarwaddy)


News 2. June 2014 - Library for Nyaung Lan Ngu, Primary School

A small school library has been supported to Nyaung Lan Ngu, Primary School with the aim of children can access reading the books which are out of their compulsory school syllabus so that they will have an opportunity to learn general knowledge, social ethics, history and English.

Transport of book-shelf and books to school with the boat of

Library with 200 new books at school

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