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News 1. December 2015 - School Assessment is ongoing school assessment in the rural area of Bogalay, Ayeyarwaddy Delta with the aim to extend its programme coverage in rural schools as well as its engagement in the education sector for the partner schools on the other hand. team in conducting school assessment

collection baseline data of the schools


News 11. November 2015 - School construction

School construction in Zeya Thukha monastic Post Primary School is ongoing; foundation work. Meanwhile this school has two more classes and they are accommodated in temporarily built bamboo shelter. All children are hoping for the time when the new building built by is ready.

construction site in Zeya Thukha monastic Post Primary School

new class in temporary shelter 


News 4. November 2015 - School construction

School construction has started in Zeya Thukha monastic Post Primary School. The size of the building is 1000 sqfts and the design is steel structure with brick walls. engineer will undertake quality control on the construction of building.

excavation work in Zeya Thukha monastic Post Primary School


News 23. October 2015 - Hygiene Training

In October, local team continue in conducting personal hygiene training to the children at primary level in 4 rural public schools and monastic school and ongoing painting on wood pens by the children from the partner schools as a part of class partnership between selected classes of Swiss school and Myanmar school.

personal hygiene training in Ma Seine, Post Primary School

painting on wood pens by children from Zeya Thukha Monastic Primary School


News 8. September 2015 - Hygiene Training

Basic hygiene training including correct cleaning and handling of WATSAN facilities in school has been conducted in 11 SDC schools by local team in August and September. The training is focused to the children with the age of between 7 to 12. There are 4 topics in this exclusive training; 1) proper use of toilet, 2) hand washing in proper manner, 3) safe water and 4) healthy environment. 

hygiene training in Ah Si Gyi, Middle School

activity game: awareness raising for hygienic behaviors

demonstration by children: how to wash hand in proper way


News 24. July 2015 - Monitoring conducted its regular monitoring visit to the schools where additional classrooms are built with the aim to response technically in the area of improved learning environment as well as to fulfill the need of classrooms in order to accommodate many more children coming to schools in this academic year.

additional classroom in Ah Lan Hpa Lout, Post Primary School

additional classroom in Ah Si Gyi,Middle School


News 8. July 2015 - Activity planning conducted activity planning together with the teachers of 4 of its partner schools in rural of Bogalay (delta) with the aim to engage child based school campaign such as hygiene awareness, health education and environmental awareness in this school year (2015-16).

activity planning meeting with headmistress and teacher in Thit To Chaung, primary school.


News 17. June 2015 - Monitoring engaged classroom renovation for the monastic school, Padauk Shwe Wah in Yangon. This old classroom was partially destroyed in the past and it needed to have properly renovated in order to accommodate newly introduced class.

classroom which is properly renovated by

now children can safely study with the renovated classroom



News 12. June 2015 - Monitoring

As soon as the new school year started at the beginning of June, carried out monitoring to the schools which are being support with Sika Myanmar's contribution in order to access if the realized projects of are effective and fulfill the requirement.

the children with the new school furniture support of

(Post Primary School, Pyin Ma Gone Village)

old school building which have been renovated by and now it is safe, clean and bright for the children

(Primary School, Thit To Chaung Village)



News 29. May 2015 - Classroom partition

In this month, proceeding the project: classroom partition on ground floor of school cum storm shelters donated by SDC-HA. 24 classrooms in total are ongoing of being built partition during the timeframe of May-June. This support  will fulfill the needs of the schools which have more classes as well as more kids in this new academic year (2015-2016).

classroom partition with brick wall and square mesh wire

new look of storm shelter with classrooms on ground floor



News 30. April 2015 - School building renovation

Only one old school building of Thit To Chaung Primary School , which was affected during cyclone Nargis and never had been maintained again before arrived there, has been properly renovated with financial support of Sika.

old school building

(40 fts x 30 fts /

brick noggin with timber column type) properly renovated by


Renovation work includes fixing leaking roof, putting new ceiling boards, replastering floor and crack/loose wall, replace broken window glasses and repainting interior/ exterior.



News 8. April 2015 - School inauguration ceremony

School inauguration ceremony was sucessfully held at Post Primary School, Ma Seine where built new school building financed by Sika. In this ceremony, Officials from government education department in Bogalay, Sika Myanmar team, Bogalay team, teachers, children and local community participated.

new school building

(40 fts x 30 fts /

reinforced concrete type with two class- rooms) built by


at the time of school opening in front of new building


Mr.Torsten Nowack, General Manager of Sika Myanmar is delivering his speech to the participants



News 2. April 2015 - maintenance workshop local team facilitated the maintenance workshop with the aim at developing maintenance plan, maintenance work flow and networking between school, school committee and In the workshop, participants from each school discussed their difficulties in maintenance work and figure out the way to be improved in future. Representatives from 6 partner schools participated.

explanation of efficient maintenance work flow and networking


group-wise brainstroming



News 26. March 2015

School furniture support to Pyin Ma Gone post primary school is finalizing. This furniture 20 sets (desk with bench) will cover for 60 children (30% of existing total children).

school furniture (desk with bench)



News 12. March 2015 supported toilet block (double unit) attached with proper septic tank and drinking water collecting tank (cap~1000 gallons) with the aim to fulfill the needs of sanitary facilities and drinking water collection for Kin Wun monastic primary school.

toilet block (double unit)


drinking water collecting tank


News 26. February 2015 - CBO strengthening delivered training to school committees (CBO) from 4 villages where it engages its educational support in schools. The concept of the training is to deliver knowledge on how to organize community led development work in proper way.

12 members from respective CBOs joined training


group exercise


News 18. February 2015

Furniture making in Pyin Ma Gone village by local carpenters is ongoing for the project: furniture (20 sets of desk and bench) for Pyin Ma Gone Post Primary School. RWCT (cap.~5000 gallons) has properly renovated with the support from SIKA Myanmar in Taung Tha Lae Branch Middle School.

furniture making by local carpenters

old RWCT renovation has accomplished in Taung Tha Lae school


News 13. February 2015 - Constructional work

School building (40'x30' - 2 classrooms) construction for Post Primary School Ma Seine, RWCT renovation (with the support of SIKA Myanmar in technical field as well as its waterproofing chemical products) for Branch Middle School Taung Tha Lae are ongoing with regular quality control of local team.

School building construction in Ma Seine school is in progress

RWCT renovation in Taung Tha Lae school has started


News 16. January 2015 - School Assessment Bogalay team is ongoing assessment for monastic schools which are going to be supported from 2015 onwards. So far one monastic school has been found out in delta.

meeting with head of monk and school committee

Zaya Thukha, Monastic Post Primary School in Bogalay, Delta (it urgently needs school building)


News 27. January 2015 - Signing Partnership Agreement (Phase 3/2015)

Signing partnership agreement between CBO (school committee) and 600Kids.Org l in terms of coorperation, for future tasks in school maintenance and further development of school, had taken place in 4 schools in delta.

meeting with school committee

(Post Primary School, U Pay village)

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