News: Unser Team im Einsatz - Archiv 2017


News 06. November 2017

Ab dem Jahr 2018 unterstützt auch Kinder und Schulen in Albanien. Erste Informationen zu unserem neuen Projekt in Albanien finden Sie hier!


News 31. October 2017

Dental care programme for the schoolchildren at primary level was carrying out since the beginning of October with the aim at promoting dental care habit at young children who are at greater risk of dental caries and dental pain. The dentist from Department of Health supported required treatment and health education about oral health. 600Kids also could support toothbrushes donated by Trisa and toothpaste donated by a Myanmar company to the children in its 11 partner schools.


News 31. August 2017

School health activity in cooperation with the Health department was continued in the schools Ma Seine and Thit To Chaung. This included Health education about personal hygiene to prevent against communicable diseases and medical staffs carrying out medical examination for schoolchildren and medication for those who need treatment. Health education session encompasses on current out-breaking diseases such as dengue fever and seasonal influenza.

In August, nutrition programme which is one of the components of school health care was also conducted in partner schools. Nutrition awareness education and school feeding were supported to schoolchildren at the primary level classes. Parents involved in cooking local nutritious food to serve children at schools.


News 31. August 2017

Construction of 3 classrooms buildings in Pa Wein High School has been started in late August. Therefore the old building was torn down in order to realize construction of new building on the same plot. Children from the old classrooms were combined into some classes in existing rooms. The whole construction period will take four months as the plan and expected to be finished in the beginning of December.


Excavation and foundation work at Pa Wein High School


News 21. July 2017

School construction in Min Hla Su Affiliated High School has successfully finished and inauguration ceremony was consequently hold at this school. Government departmental officials, 600kids team and school community participated in ceremony. Newly constructed building will cater 4 classes with about 150 schoolchildren who were previously accommodated in temporary shelter.

Children entertaining at the inauguration ceremony organized by village community

Child friendly new school building (1800 sqft) with 3 classrooms


News 17. July 2017

Toilet construction in Kyone Hlut Post Primary School has been finished and handed over to school to provide to the children access to proper and improved sanitation system.

Gender-seperated toilet block constructed by 600Kids for the school Kyone Hlut


News 10. July 2017

600Kids team in cooperation with Health department paying a visit to the project schools in order to conduct school health activity which includes Health Education about communicable dangue virus, planning with school community how to protect aganist spread out of desease and medical examination for schoolchildren and medication for those who need treatment.

School health activity at Kyone Hlut, Post Primary School


News 30. June 2017

600Kids has build toilet block for Thit To Chaung Primary School in order to fulfill insufficient sanitary facility there.  School construction in Min Hla Su High School is progressing faster than planed so it will be ready for the new academic year.

Gender separated toilet block (2 latrine units with urinal)

School construction in progress


News 20. June 2017

School furniture desks with benches are supported to the schools Kwin Gyi, Lada Chaung and Taung Tha Lae depending on actual need of each school.

School furniture (desk with bench) supported to Kwin Gyi Middle School


News 29. May 2017

Maintenance work of fixing and installation of rooftop gutter to water tank in 600Kids partner schools is being undertaken by 600Kids staffs in cooperation with village community as soon as monsoon has begun. Meanwhile school construction in Min Hla Su High School is ongoing.

Periodic maintenance work in monsoon

School construction site in Min Hla Su

High School


News 30. March 2017

The construction of school building has been started in Min Hla Su and construction work is expected to finalize by the end of summer when the school reopens and new classrooms are ready at the beginning of upcoming academic year. The building is reinforced concrete structure and size of building is 1800 sqft with 3 classrooms.

Building construction in Min Hla Su, Affiliated High School


News 27. February 2017

Rainwater collecting tank (4500 gallons) was built for Kwin Gyi, Middle School in response to one of the fundamental needs of lacking water source for safe drinking water at this school and instead rainwater from roof top gutter was collected with some clay pot that is not enough for children. 

Rain-water collecting tank (capacity of 4500 gallons) 

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